Our Story

One morning, I was teeth deep in a cold slice of watermelon. It made a ravenous mess and dripped all over my hands, face, mouth, shirt, and floor. There HAS to be a better way.

So I put it through my low-temp dehydrator and now we have light fruit company helping the homies keep their floor ant free.

Once in every generation comes a great leap forward. For us, light watermelon is that quantum leap. In this zero sum game, dehydrated watermelon is a solid one.

We love fruit.

But sometimes fruit doesn’t love us. Some fruit is not ripe enough. Some fruit is too ripe. Some fruit is difficult to prepare. Some fruit is messy. Sometimes my favorite fruit is out of season. Sometimes the fruit I want is not available.

We solve fruit problems.

Our line of dehydrated fruits preserve the flavor and nutrition of fresh fruit when solving all your problems with fresh fruit. Our fruit is preserved at peak ripeness for you to enjoy. We take all the prep work out of fruit, just open a pouch and enjoy. (go ahead, eat watermelon during your morning commute to work!). Our line of dried fruits is available year round for the same price.