What is the origin of Light Fruit Company’s name?

Light Fruit Company is named to reference our primary product, dehydrated fruit. From air movement and heat, moisture is removed from fruit resulting in a lighter weight.

How long does it take for the fruit to dry?

Our fruit stays in the dehydrator from 6-10 hours to completely dry.

How did Light Fruit Company start?

Light Fruit Company began as an idea in the Summer of 2016 when the founder, James, first dehydrated watermelon. The idea then grew at the Commons in fall of 2016 and at UW Milwaukee’s student startup challenge in the next year. Light Fruit Company began retail sales in the summer of 2018.

What ingredients are in each package?

Just one ingredient, fruit!

How is Light Fruit made?

Light Fruit is produced using a low temperature dehydration process that preserves the flavors and nutrients of the fruit. This process takes longer and is more expensive, but results in a healthier, higher quality product.

What is the origin of Light Fruit Company’s name?

Our name has evolved over time. We first hit the scene as Watermelon Jerky. When we first decided to include honeydew and cantaloupe, we were called Many Melons. Then, we switched again to Waterless Melon. Our next move was to Light Melon. Finally, we settled on the broader Light Fruit Company name to include future product lines beyond melon.

How long is the product shelf life?

Our products have a shelf life of 6-12 months.